Convening meetings, workshops, seminars, and public programs is a key part of the mission at the Advanced Science Research Center at the CUNY Graduate Center promoting collaboration between campus-based faculty, ASRC faculty, theorists, and experimentalists across New York City.

Event and Space Rentals

The ASRC offers event and meeting spaces that can accommodate up to 100 guests for your next conference, reception, meeting, workshop, film shoot, or private event.

ASRC Undergrad Open Programming Schedule: Summer 2023

This undergraduate programming series has been specifically developed for undergraduates participating in research during the summer of 2023. Undergraduates are also welcome to attend any additional open programming advertised on the ASRC website.

ASRC Nanofabrication Facility Event: Elionix Workshop

Join the ASRC Nanofabrication Facility, alongside STS-Elionix Application Engineer Lukas Stampfer, PhD, in a two-day workshop at the ASRC to overview topics including: Basic CAD and File prep with W

ASRC Structural Biology Initiative Special Seminar

Juliette Fedry Structural Biochemistry Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands Molecular visualization of cellular processes in mammalian cells New insights into mRNA translation and the dynamics

Neuroscience Initiative: Advanced Bio-Imaging Camp

The Advanced Bio-Imaging Camp at the ASRC is a week-long summer program for high school students and undergraduates that offers an opportunity for immersion in cutting-edge imaging technologies, neuroscience research, and interdisciplinary research.

ASRC Pride Open Mic + Art Showcase

Dear ASRC Community, We are excited to announce the ASRC Pride Open Mic and Art Showcase to celebrate self-expression, identity, art and have a joyous time with our colleagues! The

EHOS Training Schedule August 2023

EHOS Training Schedule August 2023 These are Zoom trainings.  The login and Pass Code information are located on the schedule and registration is not required.  After training, the instructor will

End of Summer Events at CCNY/ASRC

This year we’ve had the amazing opportunity to host over 90 high school and undergraduate summer students conducting research with mentors at the ASRC. Below are a number of events that will be taking place to  celebrate and present the work of the students and the rest of the ASRC community. All are welcome to join and we looking forward to seeing you!

4-part lecture series with Prof. Eitan Bachmat

Join the ASRC Photonics Initiative in this 4-part lecture series with Prof. Eitan Bachmat, exploring, "A multidisciplinary journey in science and technology, from airplane boarding to designing lenses in hyperbolic metamaterials

New York City Integrative Structural Biology Symposium

Integrative structural biology is a powerful approach to understand biological macromolecular systems. By combining computational methods with structural science disciplines, spatial and temporal models of macromolecular targets in their in-situ

The Science Op-Ed Writing

Join us on October 27, 2023, at 2 p.m. for the Science of Op-Ed writing with Deb Stead, a former New York Times op-ed editor and CUNY Journalism School writing couch. Scientists

Photonics Seminar: Stefano Gonella, University of Minnesota

In this one-hour seminar, Stefano Gonella, University of Minnesota, will present a talk titled,
"From Maxwell bilayers to superkagome lattices.
The fate of topological edge modes under increased geometric complexity."

Four-day BioAFM Workshop

Join the ASRC Nanoscience Initiative in partner with Bruker for this four-day event, where presentations from distinguished research groups as well as Applications Expert, Dr. Ming Ye (Bruker) will be

The Science of TikTok

Social media is a powerful tool for communicating science, and TikTok has growing community of STEM content creators who are sharing their research with broad audiences. Join us for a

From Journal Paper to Book Author

Does your research and STEM experience have the makings of a larger story? Join ASRC Executive Director and book author Mark Hauber and other TBA guests for an informative session

The Language of Science With Sibusiso Biyela

Creating bridges across language and culture differences so that sharing scientific knowledge can truly be universal and transdisciplinary is challenge of the 21st century. Join us for a session with

Meet the Editors: CUNY Faculty STEM Journal Editors

Gain a better understanding of the inner workings of STEM journals from CUNY faculty who are also science journal editors. We’ll cover editorial policies and aims, as well as opportunities