The CUNY ASRC IlluminationSpace Hub

A Collective Space for Science Communication, Outreach and Education

Science communication, youth STEM education and community science are essential components of the ASRC’s mission to nurture interdisciplinary research and education across CUNY and beyond. The ASRC IlluminationSpace Hub (IS Hub), — a Harlembased Center for STEM Education, Outreach, and Science Communication — was created in response to this understanding. It aims to foster deep, ongoing collaboration between CUNY STEM and New York City communities, making science more responsive to local needs and providing pathways to STEM education and careers for underrepresented and under-resourced groups.

The IS Hub works in four programmatic areas, each providing CUNY faculty, students and New York City communities with resources and tools to drive STEM in the public interest.

Digital Community: Coming Soon

Digital Community