The ASRC is designed around its five dynamic research initiatives. Each occupying an entire floor, the initiatives bring together established scientists, ambitious early-career researchers, and students to collaborate on expansive new research yielding practical benefits for society. They pursue fundamental research leading to breakthrough discoveries that in turn influence technology, medicine, environmental management, and more.

nanoscience header graphic

Director: Rein Ulijn, Ph.D.

Exploring on the tiniest scale, using the living world for inspiration to create new materials and devices that advance fields ranging from biomedicine to energy production | Learn more »

photonics header graphic

Director: Andrea Alù

Discovering new ways to control light, heat, radio waves, and sound for the next generation of optical computers, ultrasensitive cameras, and cell phone technology | Learn more »

structural biology header graphic

Director: Kevin H. Gardner, Ph.D.

Drawing on physics and chemistry, exploring biology at the molecular and cellular levels, and ultimately identifying new ways to treat diseases | Learn more »

neuroscience header graphic

Director: Patrizia Casaccia

Understanding how metabolic signals, physical forces, environmental cues, and social experiences induce molecular changes in brain cells, with the goal of developing novel diagnostic tools and therapeutic approaches to cure neurological and psychiatric disorders | Learn more »

environmental sciences header graphic

Director: Charles J. Vörösmarty, Ph.D.

Addressing urgent environmental challenges with cutting-edge research, sensor technology, and interdisciplinary solutions | Learn more »