Event and Space Rentals

The ASRC offers event and meeting spaces that can accommodate up to 100 guests for your next conference, reception, meeting, workshop, film shoot, or private event.

Available Event Spaces

Location: 1st Floor

Occupancy: Maximum 100 people

Designed for the acoustic needs of lectures and spoken-word presentations, this minimalist, gently raked hall seats 100 and is often used for hybrid- style seminars and symposiums.

Each seat looks onto a handsome wood-paneled “stage” equipped with a large center projection screen and two side monitors, where you may also customize the setup of your meeting. The seating itself is equipped with outlets and live microphones for participants to be heard in-person and while streaming online, with access to the ASRC Café and 1st floor lobby in the rear of the auditorium.

the empty ASRC auditorium is pictured from the rear entrance, looking over curved rows of tabletop seating toward the podium at the front of the room
The empty ASRC auditorium as seen from the presenter/podium view, looking at gently rising curved rows of tabletop seating.
The empty ASRC auditorium is pictured from the center rear, with 2 flatscreen displays lowered and activated behind the podium and presenter seating at the front of the room
The ASRC auditorium during an event, seen from the rear left of the room - a single speaker stands at the podium and faces a full audience, with presentation slides showing on three flat-screen displays behind him.

Location: 1st Floor

Occupancy: Maximum 134 standing

With floor to ceiling windows and access to the ASRC North Terrace, this is a popular space for breakfast meetings, luncheons, receptions, or poster presentations.

Seating provided can accommodate up to 50 people, with the screen between the café and auditorium opening up to create a larger open format. Additional seating will require externally rented furniture. This space is not equipped with a kitchen, but has all of the standard needs of a catering company with ample storage space nearby.

The cafe set up for an event with long tables aet with trays of hors d'oeuvres, cheeses, crackers and plates, and round tables and chairs for seating, looking toward the main entrance.
the empty cafe pictured from the main entrance, curving to the right. Pictured are several round white tables with matching chairs and counter seating on the left side of the room. bronze cylindrical pendant lights hang from the ceiling.
the cafe set up for an event with standing posterboards and welcome materials on tables
an event in the cafe, with exhibitors at tables along with windowed side of the room and attendees sitting at round tables or standing in groups.

Location: 5th Floor

Occupancy: Maximum 45

This room, located on the fifth floor, is equivalent to that of a large classroom. This space contains seating enough for 45, multiple mobile tables, a whiteboard, a monitor that can connect to a laptop via the podium, as well as full hybrid-style capabilities.

The data visualization room pictured from the entrance looking toward the far wall of the room, with an open square table setup and a portable flatscreen display at the front of the room
the data visualization room with multiple square tables, and a podium set up on the opposite side of the room
The data visualization room with the same open square setup, in this image pictured from the far wall looking toward the entrance

Location: 1st Floor

Occupancy: Maximum 30

This meeting room is suitable for meetings, luncheons or breakout rooms up to 25 people. Often used for student presentations, this room is equipped with flexible seating, multiple mobile tables, a monitor that can connect to a laptop via the podium, as well as the capacity for a hybrid-style set-up upon request.

the seminar room pictured from the entryway showing three rows of seats facing a flatscreen display on the wall
the same seminar room setup, pictured from the far side of the room looking toward the doorway

Available Resources

Resources available to renters of ASRC spaces include:

  • State-of-the-art technology with hybrid capabilities
  • On-site event support to coordinate planning and production with: deliveries/ catering, AV equipment (laptops, mics, pointers, Zoom, etc.), access to the building, and more.
  • Guest Wi-fi
  • List of nearby recommended caterers and hotels
  • Access to the North Terrace via the ASRC Café
  • Poster boards – Up to 36 posters (please see adjacent picture as reference) with dimensions:
    • Landscape: 36” x 24”
    • Portrait: 36” x 48”

Building Entry Requirements

External guests will need to be added to the ASRC guest list in advance and show valid form of ID at the entrance.

A dedicated event planner will assist in adding event participants to the building’s guest list once provided a registration list.

Visitor Information

Check our visitor’s guide for maps, directions, parking information and other helpful details.

CUNY ASRC Exterior
a student researcher gestures to a standing posterboard while discussing their work with an observer during a poster presentation event; other attendees inspect posters and converse in the background
A panel presentation in the auditorium - 6 panelists sit at a long table with the moderator at the podium, seen from the rear center of the room. audience members sit in curved row seating.
ASRC and GC staff stand at long exhibitor tables and speak to students during an open house event.

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