Support Services for ASRC Community

The following areas of support are available to researchers at the ASRC, to provide assistance in promoting, sharing, and funding research activities and events.

Building Operations is responsible for administering various aspects of building safety, access, and up-keep. This can include requests related to:

  • maintenance/facilities
  • Cleared4 access (COVID-19 safety protocols)
  • on-hiring/safety training for new-hires or students
  • building up-keep

Building Operations will also assist in areas of event organization and the Communications Team’s requests in order to keep the ASRC community within CUNY safety guidelines.

Building Operations requests can be submitted directly to Mark Hauber (Executive Director of the ASRC) at

Community Outreach and Youth Education provides support for activities and program development for the CUNY ASRC Illumination Space and the CUNY ASRC Sensor CAT. We provide support for events, programming, partnerships, and projects involving youth and local community organizations.

We are currently building out more programming around immersive STEM technology and participatory (community engaged) research. We also help develop broader impact youth and community programs, as well as education and teaching resources.

Inquiries and support requests can be submitted directly to Kendra Krueger (Outreach & Education Manager) at

Digital Media supports the CUNY ASRC’s digital presence by promoting its community through social media, the Center’s official website and news section, a quarterly newsletter, and photography and videography. We can help you and your team promote recent published work, events, and anything that you would like to share with internal and or external audiences.

Digital Media services are also available to photograph and film CUNY ASRC faculty, students, postdocs, equipment, facilities, and labs. While each initiative is in charge of managing and maintaining their initiative’s webpages, we are available to create new pages for the initiative’s sections.

Please complete the Digital Media Request Form to request assistance in this area.

Events Organization provides support with managing CUNY ASRC events, from physical setup with caterer and AV technician’s needs, to online preparation of digital signage, Zoom links for hybrid events and registration forms. We can also help promote your events through the CUNY ASRC’s main internal listserv or a specific list, pardot emails, CUNY ASRC digital display monitors, and the CUNY ASRC Events page.

Please complete the Venue Request Form to submit your event information.

Funding and Development supports all aspects related to securing private (non-public) support at the CUNY ASRC, primarily through individuals, foundations, and companies. This may include assisting with contact between directors and donors, to creating content and messaging for the CUNY ASRC, to helping strategize, identify, cultivate, solicit and steward donors.

Inquiries and support requests can be submitted directly to Miranda Tyson (Program Administrator, Advancement/Administration) at

Media Relations supports faculty and student research and accomplishments by connecting and preparing them to engage with external audiences. We provide press release writing support, media monitoring and reporting, brand identity adherence, content development (written and video), and media training for the GC Sciences, including the ASRC.

Please complete the Media Outreach Preparation Form to request assistance in this area.

Support Request Procedure

Make members of the Internal Support Team (listed below) aware of your request as far in advance as possible, either directly in monthly meetings, contacting them directly, or by submitting one or more of the following request forms:

  1. If you are holding an event, complete the Venue Request Form. Include all relevant details (date, time, description, desired location, contacts, etc.) as well as any flyers or other materials you may have developed.
  2. If you are requesting social media assistance, complete the Digital Media Request Form.
  3. If you are requesting media outreach assistance, such as a press release or media placement, complete the Media Outreach Preparation Form.
  4. If you are contacted by a media outlet with an onsite interview request of any kind, it must be coordinated by the communications team. Please contact Shawn Rhea at
  5. See contacts below for other forms of assistance.

Once you have filled out one of the above forms or otherwise notified us of your request, a member of the Internal Support Team will reach out and can schedule a consultation to discuss the strategy and scope of the support that you need and determine if it will require multiple requests and/or multiple members of the Internal Support Team’s support. It may take anywhere from one week to one month to develop a communications strategy, based on the level of support needed.

For support in developing a full communications strategy around an event or other time-sensitive activity, complete one of the above forms and request a meeting at least 30 days prior to the event or activity. Week-long events/larger conferences will need multiple months notice.

CUNY ASRC Internal Support Team