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ASRC Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Climate and Demographic Survey Results


In the spring of 2022, a dedicated group of students, faculty, and staff at Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) at The Graduate Center (GC) came together to develop and distribute the ASRC Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Climate and Demographic Survey. The goal of the survey was to proactively develop a deeper understanding of the ASRC community members’ concerns, experiences, and priorities. Using the survey’s results, the ASRC aims to develop programming and resources to make the ASRC a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable place for everyone.

About the Survey

The survey was developed in conjunction with The Graduate Center’s Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (OIRE) and distributed via the Qualtrics platform.

The invitation to complete the survey was delivered through an emailed invitation link to the ASRC listserv, which includes 430+ individuals. A total of 88 responses were submitted to the survey.

The survey data are summarized below. All questions are represented with summarized data in table form. In some tables, data has been further aggregated to ease interpretation. Areas of concern are highlighted to ease the reading of the tables. Longer response questions are included at the end.

Using data from the survey, the ASRC-DEI Survey Committee recommends:

  • Increasing awareness among ASRC community members around reporting procedures for harassment and discrimination.
  • Increasing coordination between GC’s Human Resources (GC-HR) and ASRC
  • Releasing a statement from leadership condemning harassment, bullying, discrimination, microaggressions, and gendered work expectations.
  • Increasing scholarship and funding opportunities for students from underrepresented minority (URM) backgrounds.
  • Developing programming and groups for LGBTQ+ community members.
  • Developing faculty-student or senior student-junior student mentorship programs for students from URM backgrounds.
  • Improving the ASRC’s physical access plan.
  • Re-releasing survey annually or biannually to track improvement in key areas.
  • Examining and updating hiring procedures to increase diversity among faculty and mentors.
  • Increasing messaging around how failures to proactively diversify scientific communities is detrimental to science itself.