Program & Abstracts

12.00 pm

Welcome Remarks
Rein V. Ulijn

12.05 pm

Multimodal in vivo evaluation of a surface-converting nanoparticle platform
Francois Fay
York College

12.35 pm

Function and Polydispersity Optimization in the Liquid Phase Synthesis of Amphipathic, Self-Assembling Polypeptides
Matthew B. Kubilius
The City College of New York

12.55 pm

Peptide-porphyrin self-assembled nanostructures for artificial light harvesting in aqueous medium
Nadeesha Wijerathne
CUNY Advanced Science Research Center & Hunter College

1.15 pm

The synthesis of platinum (II) – nuclear localization sequence peptide hybrid for nanoparticle development and anticancer therapy.
Marek Wlodarczyk
Brooklyn College

1.35 pm

Poster Session with Lunch

Refreshments served in the ASRC Cafeteria

2.40 pm

Tunneling Current Measurement Scheme to Detect Majorana Zero Mode Induced Crossed Andreev Reflection
Lei Fang
The City College of New York

3.00 pm

A Structural Model of Nitro-Porphyrin Dyes based on Spectroscopy and Density Functional Theory
Christopher Farley
Hunter College

3.20 pm

Synthesis and characterization of Fe doped single-phase multiferroic
Frederick Pearsall
The City College of New York

3.40 pm

Closing remarks with Prize Winner Presentation