Thursday June 1st
ASRC Auditorium and Café
85 Saint Nicholas Terrace, New York, NY 10031

8.30 am
Registration Opens

9.20 am
Welcome Remarks
Joshua Brumberg, The Graduate Center, The City University of New York

9.30 am
How New Materials and Additive Manufacturing are Changing Medicine
Matthew Becker
University of Akron

10.15 am
Microbiomes of military aircraft and their connection to coating biodeterioration
Wendy Goodson
USAF, Air Force Research Laboratory


11.30 am
Discovery of Bio-instructive Materials
Morgan Alexander
University of Nottingham

12.15 pm
Multi-Functional Superhydrophobic Polymer Surfaces
Alan M. Lyons
College of Staten Island

1.00 pm

2.00 pm
Stimuli-Responsive Protein Engineered Assemblies
Jin Montclare
New York University

2.45 pm
Amphidynamic Materials as Molecular Machines: Dipolar Arrays and Mesoscale Architectures
Miguel A. Garcia-Garibay
University of California, San Diego

3.30 pm

4.15 pm
Atypical Biomimetic Responses in Nanoassemblies
Sankaran Thayumanavan
University of Massachusetts Amherst

5.00 pm
2D Janus Nanosheets: Asymmetrically Functionalized Graphene Oxide and its Assemblies
Emily Pentzer
Case Western Reserve University

5.45 pm
Poster Session

7.00 pm

Friday June 2nd
Hunter College W615 (West Building)
695 Park Ave, New York, NY 10065

9.00 am
Mimicking Melanin: Exploring Nature’s Prolific but Enigmatic Biomaterial
Nathan C. Gianneschi
University of California, San Diego

9.45 am
Synthesizing organic materials from functional copolymers
Robert B. Grubbs
Stony Brook University

10.30 am

11.00 am
Emergent Behaviors in Mechanochemically Active Polymers
Stephen L. Craig
Duke University

11.45 pm
Controlling Cationic Polymerizations with Light
Brett P. Fors
Cornell University

12.30 pm
Controlled Polymerization for Ultra-High Molecular Weights and Polymers Capable of Topological Transformations
Brent S. Sumerlin
University of Florida

1.15 pm
Closing Remarks
Charles M. Drain, Hunter College

1.30 pm