Mask Aligner

Equipment Type

Mask Aligner System (Double Side)


EV Group




Lithography Bay


Wafer sizes: 100mm, 150mm, and small chips
Wafer thickness: 0.1-100mm
Separation distances: 0-300_m
Exposure modes: hard-, soft-, and vacuum contact, proximity
Mask sizes: 5”x5” and 7”x7”

The EVG620 Mask Aligner is equipped with high-resolution top and/or bottom side microscopes for single or double-side photolithography. An ultra-soft wedge compensation together with a computer controlled contact force between the mask and wafer ensures that both yield and mask lifetime are dramatically increased. The system safely handles thick, bowed or small diameter wafers. The EVG620 superior alignment stage design achieves highly accurate alignment and exposure results while maintaining high throughput. The system is configured with the NanoAlign Technology Package, increasing EVG620 aligner microscope resolution by a factor of approximately 2.