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Nanofabrication Facility

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Back End Processing

  • photo: Disco model DAD3220 dicing saw

    Dicing Saw ›

    The Disco DAD3220 is a single spindle dicing saw, capable of handling work-pieces up to a maximum of 6” square or 6” in diameter.
  • photo: OEM Spin Rinse Dryer

    Spin Rinse Dryer ›

    The spin rinse dryer offers a fast way to clean and dry wafers in patches up to 25 wafers at a time.
  • photo: Ultran Systems Tape Mounter

    Tape Mounter ›

    The Ultron UH114 mounts wafers to dicing tape and a metal frame to be used with the Disco Dicing Saw.
  • photo: West Band wire bonder

    Wire Bonder ›

    The West Bond Wire Bonder is a semi-automatic wire bonder that can accommodate both wedge and ball bonding to interconnect aluminum or gold wire leads to devices.