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Chemical Hood Glassware Policy

When using Nanofabrication Facility glassware for chemical use, please follow our Glassware Guide.

New Materials Request

Users who need chemicals that are not supplied by the Nanofabrication Facility must first get the approval of staff before bringing those chemicals to the cleanroom.  If it is the first time the user is bringing a specific chemical, they must first submit the New Materials Request Form and email a copy of the MSDS to and  Once you receive approval from staff, the chemical may be brought to the ASRC via one of the following options:

Option 1: Have the chemical shipped directly from the supplier to the ASRC with “Attn: Jane Vogel” in the first line of the address.  Do not have chemicals shipped to the ASRC without first getting approval from staff.  Once the chemical is ordered, staff must be notified of the expected arrival date.  When the chemical arrives, staff will label it with the name of the user or the user’s group and store it in the appropriate chemical cabinet.

Option 2: Schedule a time to hand-off the chemicals to cleanroom staff at the ASRC loading dock.  Do not attempt to enter the building through the loading dock, even if the loading dock is open at the time.  Staff will meet you at the appointed time, and then take the chemical directly to the cleanroom.

Do not bring chemicals into the ASRC through the main entrance as chemicals cannot be brought to the ground floor via the passenger elevators or the main stairway.

When users are resupplying a chemical for which they already received prior approval, they do not need to submit another New Materials Request Form and MSDS, but they still need to email staff to get approval to bring the chemical to the cleanroom.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)