NanoProjects Seed Grants

NanoProject Seed Grants

The Nanofabrication Facility staff is aware of the infamous catch-22 of academic research: you need preliminary data to get funded, yet you also need funding to acquire the preliminary data. In order to address this issue, we created the NanoProject Seed Grant program. The program provides researchers with limited access to the facility (the total fabrication costs incurred for a single NanoProject cannot exceed $1500) in order to collect data / make a device that will be used to either finish an experiment that is almost ready for publication or for a grant proposal. The NanoProjects may be performed either by the researchers themselves or they may be carried out in collaboration with the Nanofabrication staff. The NanoProject Seed Grants are reviewed by an internal committee, and are awarded based upon equipment and staff availability at the discretion of the Nanofabrication staff. Due to the high demand for equipment use, the Nanofabrication Facility cannot award more than ten NanoProjects per academic year.

In order to apply for a NanoProject Seed Grant, please complete an application.