Slack Instructions

Slack is online communication platform utilized in the Nanofabrication Facility to facilitate discussions between and amongst members and staff. Through Slack, members can participate in a wide range of discussions on topics such as process challenges, tool operation procedures, materials management, and more. Members are encouraged to discuss topics with other members and have the ability to communicate directly with staff.

Nanofabrication Facility Slack:

Joining Slack

Members wishing to join the Nanofabrication Facility Slack team can request an invitation here: Nanofabrication Facility Slack Request. An invitation will then follow within 1-2 days.

Once you’ve been invited to join a Slack team, the first step is setting up your account. Just click the link in your email invitation to get started:

  1. Check your inbox for an invitation to join a Slack team.
  2. Click the Join button.
  3. On the signup page, enter your first and last name and choose a username.
  4. When you’re ready, click Next.
  5. Choose a password, then click Join team.

Once you have joined a team, we highly recommend utilizing the cross platform Slack App, available for phones, tablets and computers. Instructions installing the Apps can be found here: Slack Apps.

You can now participate in general conversations through any of the public Channels (see next section) or you can message members or staff privately. Slack is a powerful tool with many features. For those who want more information, we recommend the site’s official help page (Slack Help Page). Below we provide a few basics to get you started.



By default, you are a member of #general channel. This channel is where most people will be having general discussions and will be the most active. A few sample topics might be:

  • Specific process questions to the community or staff
  • Notes on low inventory or supplies
  • Tool issues or suggestions for staff
  • Announcements that might be relevant to the Nanofabrication Facility community
    • Upcoming seminars, workshops, events
  • Posts to organize material changes or tool specific coordination efforts
  • Anything else. The general channel is open to any facility-related discussion!

Using @ in Channels

In any channel, while typing a message, you can type the @ sign followed by any member’s name and they will pop up to be selected. This helps get that particular member’s attention and should be used if the question needs a particular person’s timely response.

Tool Specific Channels

You will also find other channels such as #ebeamevaporator, #sputterdeposition and more over time. To join these channels, click on CHANNELS on the top left. This will open the channel browser, where you can search, sort, and explore all the channels. To join a specific channel, click the Join Channel button and you will then have access to these topic specific channels.

Direct Messages

These are instructions to send a direct and private message to a member or group of members.

  1. Click the + plus icon next to the Direct Message (DM) in your sidebar. This will open the Direct Messages window.
  2. Add the team member(s) you’d like to DM. You can scroll to browse a list, or start typing a name to narrow your search.
  3. When you’re finished, press Enter or click Goto start your new DM conversation.

Notification Customization

Slack notifications can be configured in any way you would like. You can setup custom notifications per channel, per device and more. For detailed instructions on how to modify mobile push, desktop and email notifications, please see Slacks instructions here: Slack Notifications.