After- Hours Access



  • To work in the cleanroom after-hours, the member must have a C-14 registered to the ASRC address.

Buddy System

  • If operating a chemical process, the member must have a “buddy” present in the area of the hood when handling hazardous chemicals.
  • The buddy must be a registered cleanroom member with after-hours access and must come with the member using hazardous chemicals.  Never expect there to be other members already in the cleanroom available to help during after-hours.

After-Hours Access Status

To check access status, review the Active Nanofabrication Facility Members list.

  • If the above indicates that you currently have full access, then your access status will not be changed.
  • If you do not have full access, and don’t have a C-14, then you need to email Tom Dickson ( and the facility ( to request a new C-14. Once Tom informs us that your paperwork has been processed, we will grant you full access.
  • If you do not have full access but have a C-14 to a non-ASRC lab (i.e., the card doesn’t have the ASRC address on it), then you need to email the facility ( and attach a photograph of your current C-14. Facility staff will forward this information to FDNY and grant you access.
  • If you do have a C-14 issued to the ASRC, but your name doesn’t appear on the full access list, then email a copy of your C-14 to the facility ( and we will grant you full access.