Stylus Profiler

Equipment Type

Stylus Profiler






Metrology Bay


Motorized X/Y stage with 6 inches of travel, motorized 360 degree rotation
Includes 2-3, 4-6, or 8″ wafer vacuum chuck
LIS 3, low inertia sensor with 1 to 15mg of force
3.1Mpixel color camera with selectable magnification
Optically flat scan block with 55mm scan length
Environmental enclosure to prevent against acoustic interferences
Better than 5 Å step height repeatability, 1 σ using a 0.1 μm step size
Stitching for up to 200 mm scans
3D map collection and extensive data analysis
Automated collection capabilities with unlimited number of locations

The Bruker Dektak-XT is a semi-automated stylus profiler that can be used to measure step height with better than 5 Å repeatability, surface roughness, as well as 3D surface mapping.