Back End

The Disco DAD3220 is a single spindle dicing saw, capable of handling work-pieces up to a maximum of 6” square or 6” in diameter. The system features an LCD touch panel, auto-alignment, auto-focus, and auto-kerf check functions for enhanced productivity. The 1.5 kW spindle features a shaft lock function for easy blade changes.

An Ultron Systems Tape Mounter and a UV Curing System are also available to be used in conjunction with the dicing saw.

The OEM Spin Rinse Dryer offers a fast way to clean and dry wafers in patches up to 25 wafers at a time.

The Ultron UH114 mounts wafers to dicing tape and a metal frame to be used with the Disco Dicing Saw. Diced pieces are held in place by the tape until the dicing process is complete. The mounter has an easily adjustable spring-loaded roller assembly, along with film-tensioner bars along both the x- and y-axes to ensure bubble-free lamination of the film to the wafer and film frame. Additionally, the UH114 features an adjustable cutting pressure and roller pressure to accommodate various tape base materials and thicknesses. A digital temperature controller ensures consistent work-stage temperatures for repeatable mounting.

The West Bond Wire Bonder is a semi-automatic wire bonder that can accommodate both wedge and ball bonding to interconnect aluminum or gold wire leads to devices. Three ultrasonic bonding methods can be executed; wedge bonding with angled wire feed for best loop control, wedge bonding with vertical feed for access to deep work pieces, selected by exchanging only the clamp assemblies; and ball bonding of gold wire with electronic flame off, selected by exchanging tool assemblies.