Ongoing Collaborations

Quantum Electronics

In collaboration with Javad Shabani’s group, NYU

The goal of this work is to develop novel quantum electronic devices using InAlAs. In particular this collaboration seeks to understand the physics at the interface of InAlAs and high critical field superconductors such as Nb-Ti alloys and to use this understanding to design structures that can support exotic quasi-particles such as Majorana and other non-Abelian Fermions.

Micro- and Nano-fluidic Devices

In collaboration with A. Duke Shereen, CUNY ASRC

The goal of this work is to create micro and nano-fluidic structures that will be used to improve Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) in Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Using conventional nanofabrication techniques we are able to create and accurately characterize silicon based structures, which are subsequently used as standards to calibrate DTI models. By using silicon as a model system we are able to access a level precision which is otherwise unattainable if biological specimens are used.

Thermal Transport in Topological / Trivial Insulator Heterostructures

In collaboration with Maria C. Tamargo  and Lia Krusin-Elbaum CUNY CCNY

The interfaces of topological and trivial insulators are theoretically predicted to be good thermoelectric materials due to the unusual properties hosted by the Dirac bands in topological insulators. As a part of this collaboration we grow heterostructures of Bismuth Selenium and Zinc Cadmium Selenium and mechanically exfoliate them on custom designed and built devices that are used to measure heat transport in these heterostructures.

Microfluidic Mazes to study the behavior of C. Elegans

In collaboration with Iva Greenwald, Columbia University

Standard lithography is used to fabricate PDMS master molds patterned with flow channels and chambers to trap and study C. elegans. The master molds are used to carry out soft lithography with PDMS to fabricate multiple single-use chips.

Understanding the Physics of Topological Insulators

In collaboration with Lia Krusin-Elbaum, CUNY CCNY

A longstanding project in the group is the fabrication of various electronic devices used to study the fundamental physics in topological insulators. These devices are used to study both topological insulators that have been mechanically exfoliated from crystals as well as 2D films which were sputtered in the Nanofabrication Facility.