• NSF and NIH Grants Totaling $6.4 Million Go to Three CUNY ASRC Scientists

    Three researchers at the CUNY ASRC have been awarded multi-year, federal agency grants to address topics in protein regulation and the response of the U.S.’s food-energy-water systems to climate change. [...]

  • ASRC Researcher Igor Dikiy Named A Finalist for the 2019 Blavatnik Regional Awards

    Dikiy is being recognized for using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to complete the first study of G-protein–coupled receptor (GPCR) fast sidechain dynamics. [...]

  • Illuminating Science with Liquid Light

    On a recent Friday evening inside the reclaimed planetarium of The City College of New York’s Marshak Science Building, a group of students, faculty, local artists and other guests sat transfixed by a constantly morphing liquid light show projected onto the domed ceiling. In the corner of the room, artist Steve Pavlovsky mixed a bitRead More [...]

  • Light-Driven Signaling of Bacteria May Provide Clues for How to Defeat Dangerous Infections


  • ASRC Advances Understanding of Protein Control With NSF Grant

    With a three-year, $633,000 grant from the National Science Foundation, researchers at the ASRC are exploring ways to identify which proteins are particularly amenable to use in biotech and therapeutic applications. [...]

  • Researchers Discover a Way to Peer Inside Proteins to See How They Are Wired

    The technique could help scientists develop methods for switching on or off specific proteins associated with diabetes and other diseases. [...]

  • Could This Be the End of Alzheimer’s?

    See the original post here Living well into advanced age is a true blessing — but one that is ever threatened by the looming risks of developing Alzheimer’s disease or other age-related dementia. Despite billions of dollars spent on finding a cure, Alzheimer’s continues unabated, claiming more and more lives in our aging population. ButRead More [...]

  • Dr. Shana Elbaum-Garfinkle Appears in Nature Article on Liquid Phase Separation

    A recent Nature article explores biologists’ growing understanding of how liquid phase separation might impact the development of diseases in cells. “[…] scientists around the world have jumped on the idea that phase separation can explain how cells partition the molecules swarming inside them,” said Dr. Shana Elbaum-Garfinkle [...]

  • Elbaum-Garfinkle joins ASRC Structural Biology Initiative as Assistant Professor

    Shana Elbaum-Garfinkle has joined the faculty of the Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) of the Graduate Center, CUNY as the fourth and final tenure-track faculty member with the ASRC’s Structural Biology Initiative. Elbaum-Garfinkle—who will hold the title of assistant professor—joins initiative director Kevin H. Gardner and fellow assistant professors Amedee des Georges and Daniel KeedyRead More [...]

  • Keedy Latest Faculty Addition to ASRC’s Structural Biology Initiative

    The Structural Biology Initiative at the Advanced Science Research Center of the Graduate Center at The City University of New York (ASRC) welcomes Dr. Daniel Keedy as an assistant professor, the third faculty member to join the initiative along with Initiative Director and Professor Kevin H. Gardner and Assistant Professor Amedee des Georges. Keedy—who willRead More [...]

  • Environmental Biosensor Mechanics Research at the ASRC Gets Boost with NIH Postdoc Fellowship to Dikiy

    Igor Dikiy, a postdoctoral researcher with the CUNY ASRC’s Structural Biology Initiative (SBI), was recently awarded a Ruth A. Kirchstein National Research Service Award from the National Institutes of Health, a program that funds research and training for predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers throughout the US. Dikiy studies how bacterial proteins detect environmental changes and passRead More [...]

  • Inside the CUNY ASRC with Elizabeth Orth

    Elizabeth Orth Research assistant in Dr. Kevin Gardner’s group at Structural Biology Initiative Obtained her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin in 2014 Interested in optimizing EL222, a protein engineered for optogenetic (a biological technique which involves the use of light to control cells in living tissue) expression in mammalianRead More [...]

  • Cell article featuring ASRC’s des Georges may lead to new treatments for skeletal, heart muscle conditions

    CUNY Advanced Science Research Center’s Amedee des Georges is co-first author on a paper shedding light on the structure and function of an intracellular receptor which controls the contraction of skeletal muscle, the findings of which are published today in Cell. Des Georges’s role in the research began while a Howard Hughes postdoctoral associate atRead More [...]

  • Bruce Johnson: Seeking a Genetic Approach To Improve HIV Treatments

    Bruce Johnson grew up in Washington State, studied marine biology in college, worked as a commercial salmon fisherman to pay his way through, and expected to become an environmental lawyer. What he did become is something far upstream: a computational scientist and structural biologist who has developed some of the world’s most important software forRead More [...]

  • Gardner featured in Nature article on multigenerational science families

    Dr. Kevin H. Gardner, Director of the CUNY ASRC’s Structural Biology Initiative, was featured in a story about multigenerational science families in the May 5 issue of Nature. According to the article, there is a trend in families where one parent has a career in science for the children to also pursue careers in scientificRead More [...]

  • Research by ASRC Structural Biology Director Kevin Gardner highlighted in Nature feature on optogenetics

    Research conducted by Dr. Kevin Gardner, director of the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center’s (ASRC) Structural Biology Initiative, and his research team was prominently featured in a December 10 feature in Nature on the use of optogenetics in cell biology. Optogenetics is an emerging field in biology that involves the genetic introduction of light-sensitive proteinsRead More [...]

  • CUNY ASRC Structural Biology Initiative to host symposium on integrated research

    Leading researchers in the field of structural biology from across the country will take part in the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center’s (ASRC) Structural Biology Initiative’s all-day symposium, titled “Structural Biology 2015: Insight through Integration”, on Friday, September 25. Held in conjunction with The City College of New York’s Center for Discovery & Innovation’s (CDI)Read More [...]

  • CUNY ASRC’s Structural Biology Initiative adds Amédée des Georges as latest faculty member

    The City University of New York’s Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) has named Dr. Amédée des Georges as an Assistant Professor with the Structural Biology Initiative. Des Georges’ research focuses on how regulatory factors influence the function of large macromolecular assemblies and how the malfunction of such control mechanisms leads to disease. Using state-of-the-art methodsRead More [...]

  • Research by CUNY ASRC Senior Research Director Bruce Johnson featured in Science magazine

    Bruce Johnson, Senior Research Director for Computational Science in the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center’s (ASRC) Structural Biology Initiative, was part of a long-term project featured in an article in Science published on Thursday, May 19. The study, led by Michael F. Summers of the University of Maryland Baltimore County, investigated the structure of partRead More [...]

  • Bacterial environmental sensors regulated in unexpected way

    Dec. 16 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) researchers from the Gardner laboratory and the UT Southwestern Structural Biology Lab describe their studies of a novel light-activated histidine kinase. Such enzymes commonly serve as the environmental sensors for bacteria via their roles in "two component signaling pathways," sensitizing their hostsRead More [...]

  • New SBI Personnel

    We welcome two new additions to the CUNY Structural Biology Initiative, effective Jan 5. Dr. Bruce Johnson has been hired as the Senior Research Director of Computing.  Bruce is a leader in the area of developing software to support structural biology and chemistry applications, including his widely-used NMRViewJ package ( for NMR data processing andRead More [...]

  • Kevin Gardner Named To Lead ASRC’s Structural Biology Initiative

    Kevin H. Gardner has been appointed founding director of the ASRC’s structural biology initiative, a move that follows a nationwide search and brings to New York a scientist highly regarded for his innovative and broad-minded approach to biomedical research. The announcement was made by Gillian Small, CUNY’s vice chancellor for research and the research center’sRead More [...]