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Macromolecular Crystallization Facility

The Macromolecular Crystallization Facility provides crystallization robots, incubation chambers and tray imagers in addition to advice and expertise on macromolecular crystallization to researchers at CUNY and other institutions (academic and industrial). The facility also coordinates shipping of crystals to national synchrotron facilities and provides support with data acquisition, structure determination and refinement.

The Macromolecular Crystallization Facility is equipped with a Rigaku Alchemist DT liquid handler, two incubators, two ARI Gryphon crystallization robots, and two Rigaku Minstrel DT crystal imagers at room temperature and 4°C.

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Facility Details

Two Art Robbins Crystal Gryphons (Drop Setters, room temperature and 4 °C)
A high-throughput method utilizing a 96-syringe head nano-dispenser for rapid and efficient set up of crystallization trays.

SPT Labtech Mosquito (Drop Setter, room temperature)
A high-throughput method for pipetting nanoliter volumes providing rapid screening of crystallization conditions

Rigaku Alchemist DT (Liquid Handling Robot Solution Maker)
Liquid handling system for crystallization fine screen optimization.

SPT Labtech Dragonfly (Liquid Handling Robot Solution Maker)
Liquid handler used to set up custom crystallization screens.

Two Rigaku Minstrel DT (Plate Hotel and Imagers, room temperature and 4 °C)
Automated plate handling and UV visualization of crystallization experiments

Two EchoThermTM IN40 Chilling/Heating Incubators

Zeiss Stereomicroscopes
room temperature and 4 °C

MiTeGen Watershed
Humidity Control System (prevents drop dehydration)

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