Ph.D. Opportunities

Ph.D. research opportunities are available in structural biology at labs in the ASRC and throughout CUNY. As noted on our list of faculty, we have experts in many different areas of structural biology using our facilities, providing students with unparalleled opportunities for practical training. We’re glad to help direct students to processes required for applications to CUNY Ph.D. programs that can provide the framework for studies here, including:

To apply for Ph.D. studies in structural biology, we encourage you to:

  1. Review our lists of faculty and research, identifying potential mentors and/or research areas.
  2. Send a cover letter and CV to Jennifer Chow. Be sure to describe your educational and research backgrounds, particularly regarding any laboratory experience you’ve had. Importantly, please also list information on areas of research that particularly interest you (along with CUNY faculty members working in those areas) – this is essential for helping match your interests with affiliated faculty and programs.

We’ll review these materials and contact you with recommended routes to proceed.