Integral to the Structural Biology Initiative are several core research facilities within the ASRC. Located on the ground and third floor, these laboratories house state-of-the-art equipment to characterize biomolecular structure and function in settings ranging from in vitro to within cells. These facilities are accessible to researchers both within the CUNY system—including faculty, staff and students—and to those in the external research community. Training and support will be provided by ASRC staff, coupled by vendor-supplied training sessions and materials. Our resources are available on a fee-for-service basis designed to recoup the costs of consumables and upkeep; please contact us for fee schedules.

As of Spring 2016, we have installed our initial equipment; these installations and corresponding staffing will continue through the year as we reach full capabilities. We’ll update these pages during this time to reflect these changes, but please contact Diane.Beckford@asrc.cuny.edu to get the latest updates or to be added to a mailing list with regular information on availability, training sessions, and related matters.