Increasing Research Activity After NYS PAUSE

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The SARS-CoV 2 pandemic has altered our lives, including how we at the ASRC will work together over the coming months to continue to pursue our vision of improving human, societal, and environmental well-being through interdisciplinary research and education, in close partnership with the CUNY community. Throughout the pandemic, our faculty, staff and students have worked every day to support each other and the greater CUNY and New York City communities to tackle the evolving challenges emerging, including responding to hospitals’ need for PPE and the need to accelerate COVID-19 research. We also thank our exceptional essential personnel, who kept the facility safe during these exceptional times; we are in your debt, and we will continue to do all we can to keep you healthy and safe.

As a publicly supported, university-based scientific research institution located at the pandemic’s epicenter, we have established policies and guidelines for our faculty, students, staff, and core facility users that are focused on:

  • Prioritizing everyone’s health and safety and implementing multiple approaches to minimize the risk of infection for all those working at the ASRC,
  • Monitoring and responding to local health metrics to inform decisions to increase or decrease research activity and occupancy,
  • Being equitable, fair, and transparent with our policies, guidelines, and decisions, and
  • Supporting first responders, contract tracers, and our local community in containing outbreaks.

Our research ramp-up plan includes multiple precautions to protect the health and safety of everyone onsite at the ASRC and limit the risk of infection, including social distancing, restricted building access, occupancy limits, staggered work schedules, required PPE, and cleaning and disinfecting protocols. The ASRC will also seek disclosure of COVID-19 symptoms or probable contact by personnel reporting to the facility.

If there is reason to suspect increased risk to community safety or health, the ASRC will revert to an earlier phase, or make specific, localized adjustments to reduce further risk.

Visit this page often for updates and information on access to our research facilities, safety measures, COVID-19 related research, and pandemic-related news and resources relevant for our faculty, staff, students and research partners.

Current Status

We are currently in Phase 3 of our ramp up plan, which means that core research facilities may begin allowing non-ASRC users on a limited basis, with up to 50% building occupancy allowed.

COVID-19 Research & Funding

ASRC researchers and core facility users are engaged in a variety of research projects aimed at tackling the challenge of COVID-19. Check out what’s happening.

In April, more than 100 scientists from 22 research institutions and 15 companies joined the CUNY ASRC Sensor CAT for a call-to-action aimed at identifying and fast-tracking research to help win the battle against COVID-19 and future pandemics. Check out the webinar to learn about funding opportunities.

In May, the ASRC’s Converge to Transform webinar series addressed how researchers across CUNY can employ interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary and convergence research to advance tackle COVID-19, and featured the work of three CUNY university researchers who are using their science to advance solutions.

Check out the webinar and learn more about the COVID-19 related research of ASCR Nanoscience Initiative Professor Adam Braunschwieg, CUNY School of Public Health Professor Denis Nash, and Hunter College Biology Professor Weigang Qiu.


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