User Resources

Facility user policies:

  • COVID-19 related policies and phased reopening plans

User Policies_CUNY ASRC Imaging_COVID-19 phased opening_e3

  • Reservation schedule during phased opening period

To make reservations, we are using this Google Sheet instead of Badger during phased opening period. Reservation request, cancellation, modification must be made via email to BOTH facility staff with subject title “Imaging Instrument Reservation/Cancellation”, cancellation should be made no later than 5:00pm prior to reservation date. Please do not come to facility until you receive confirmation email. Staff will add confirmed reservations to Google Sheet (users have no permission to edit the sheet).

  • General user policies
  1. General
  2. Safety
  3. Reservation
  4. Off hours policy
  5. Acknowledgement

CUNY-ASRC-Imaging-Facility_General User Policies

  • Computer use policy:

CryoEM Data Processing Computer

User Policies_CUNY ASRC Imaging_cryoEM data processing

Image Reconstruction Computer (Window OS with Amira/Avizo and other softwares)

User Policies_CUNY ASRC Imaging_Image Reconstruction Computer


Badger instruction:

CUNY-ASRC-Imaging-Facility_Badger SOP

Badger Dashboard:


Instrument instructions and documents:

  • Titan Halo 300kV TEM

SOP_Titan Halo 300kV TEM Procedure

SOP_Cryoholder controller & puming station

SOP_Homemade LN2 AutoFill

serialEM-note02-Single particle data collection – stitching MMM – MR e3

serialEM-note03-setup-LD-with-mP-and-nP e2

serialEM-note04-Multiple Record Setup Dialog e2


  • Titan Themis 200kV S/TEM

Titan Themis 200kV TEM Instruction


  • Tecnai Spirit 120kV TEM

SOP_Tecnai Spirit TWIN 120 kV TEM


  • Helios Nanolab 660 FIB-SEM

FEI Helios NanoLab 660 Dualbeam FIB-SEM

TEM Lamella Sample Preparation

2D Image Stack Using Auto Slice & View


  • WITec Raman microscope

WITec Raman Microscope alpha300R


  • Leica STED


  • FEI Vitrobot



  • Fischione NanoClean

Fischione NanoCleam M1070 Procedure


  • Leica EM ACE600 coater





Other resources:



 Structural Biology