User Resources

Facility user policies:

  • COVID-19 related policies and phased reopening plans

User Policies_CUNY ASRC Imaging_COVID-19 phased opening_e3

  • General user policies
  1. General
  2. Safety
  3. Reservation
  4. Off hours policy
  5. Acknowledgement

CUNY-ASRC-Imaging-Facility_General User Policies

  • Computer use policy:

CryoEM Data Processing Computer

User Policies_CUNY ASRC Imaging_cryoEM data processing

Image Reconstruction Computer (Window OS with Amira/Avizo and other softwares)

User Policies_CUNY ASRC Imaging_Image Reconstruction Computer


Badger instruction:

CUNY-ASRC-Imaging-Facility_Badger SOP

Badger Dashboard:


Instrument instructions and documents:

  • Titan Halo 300kV TEM

SOP_Titan Halo 300kV TEM Procedure

SOP_Cryoholder controller & puming station

SOP_Homemade LN2 AutoFill

serialEM-note02-Single particle data collection – stitching MMM – MR e3

serialEM-note03-setup-LD-with-mP-and-nP e2

serialEM-note04-Multiple Record Setup Dialog e2


  • Titan Themis 200kV S/TEM

Titan Themis 200kV TEM Instruction


  • Tecnai Spirit 120kV TEM

SOP_Tecnai Spirit TWIN 120 kV TEM


  • Helios Nanolab 660 FIB-SEM

FEI Helios NanoLab 660 Dualbeam FIB-SEM

TEM Lamella Sample Preparation

2D Image Stack Using Auto Slice & View


  • WITec Raman microscope

WITec Raman Microscope alpha300R


  • Leica STED


  • FEI Vitrobot



  • Fischione NanoClean

Fischione NanoCleam M1070 Procedure


  • Leica EM ACE600 coater





Other resources:



 Structural Biology