FEI Tecnai G2 Spirit Twin TEM

FEI Tecnai G2 Spirit Twin TEM

The Tecnai G2 Spirit TWIN, a 20-120 kV / LaB6 TEM, is a general-purpose, high-resolution instrument designed with a high-level of automation to meet the stringent demands of life science and material research. It enables the 2D and 3D ultra-structure exploration of biological samples and soft matter, as well as the morphology and function of natural or artificial materials that play a crucial role in modern science and technology. The Spirit produces excellent 2D and 3D images due to special automated and semi-automated functionality.

Low Dose observation of beam-sensitive and cryo samples is a key performance aspect. The microscope has embedded automation that can be used at will for all users. The gun/illumination, focus, and stigmation can be tuned, aligned, saturated and conditioned automatically or manually. Tecnai G2 Spirit TWIN is an ideal microscope for quick sample screen under both ambient and cryogenic conditions.


  • LaB6 emitter
  • Auto-saturation
  • Auto-conditioning
  • High-Level of automation: AutoAdjust and AutoGun.
  • High voltage range 20 – 120 kV
  • Line resolution: 0.2 nm
  • Maximum eucentric tilt: ±70°
  • Specimen exchange without switching off High Tension and emitter
  • Specimen holders:
    • FEI CompuStage single tilt holder (±35°)
    • Gatan 626 70° single tilt cryo-transfer holder (±70°)


Manufacturer / Model

Thermo Fisher Scientific (former FEI) / Tecnai G2 Spirit TWIN


Imaging Facility


cryo em, transmission electron microscope (TEM)