ASRC STEM Teacher Residency Program

Submission Deadline: Friday, Dec. 15, 2023 at 11:59 p.m.

Teachers and students at IS Hub

The STEM Teacher Residency Program (TRP) is a one-year program that will provide teachers with an immersive experience at the ASRC, a high-performing research center. The program is designed to attract motivated in-service teachers strongly committed to promoting interdisciplinary scientific thinking for the public good and working with New York City youth in their STEM learning pathways. 

During the program, residents will work with the Illumination Space team and researchers at the ASRC. They will engage in exploratory collaborations with resident scientists to develop hands-on teaching experiences and explore tools such as immersive learning technology. In addition, residents will receive ongoing support from mentors and researchers and professional development opportunities to enhance their teaching through effective science communication. 

STEM TRP will have several key benefits for its participants, the ASRC, and the broader community. Participants will develop a deep understanding of collaborative interdisciplinary research initiatives, build relationships with researchers and educators in the field, and develop youth programs for the community. The ASRC will benefit from the opportunity to engage with and contribute to the professional development of highly qualified STEM teachers who are committed to teaching in high-need schools in New York City. In addition, resident teachers will help scientists translate their research findings into effective educational materials and activities accessible to students at various grade levels. 

The program, funded through the National Science Foundation, has the potential to make a significant impact on the quality of community-oriented science education in New York City. We look forward to partnering with researchers and educators.

The specific objectives of the STEM TRP include the following:

  • Awarding three fellowships ($2000 each) to in-service STEM teachers who are currently teaching or running programming at a New York City Department of Education (DOE) school
  • Building partnerships between teachers and the ASRC team to serve communities by offering targeted professional development activities for teachers
  • Providing clinically rich residency for teachers to develop knowledge and skills necessary for interdisciplinary teaching and experiment with an immersive experience and resources available at the ASRC
  • Providing community-building support that will empower researchers (graduate and postdoctoral fellows) to improve their science communication skills
  • Broadening the participation of marginalized communities in New York City public schools through teacher training and community-engaged scientific inquiry
  • Addressing the limited collaboration between the university, New York City public schools, and community partners
  • Developing a curriculum closely connected to classroom content, student background, and interdisciplinary research happening at the ASRC
  • Conducting participatory action research to deepen our understanding of the effectiveness of the program, to address challenges, opportunities, and lessons learned
  • $2000 Stipend
  • $200 stipend for materials or conference
  • Invites to science seminars and workshops
  • Support from science researchers to create in-school programing, hands on activities and learning modules
  • Engage with immersive learning technologies such as VR/AR, motion activated technologies
  • Participate in redesign process for our state of the art learning center
  • Attend two ASRC initiative events per semester and one monthly cohort meetings
  • Quarterly day-long workshop
  • Co-produce youth workshop, curriculum or set of activities (with help from ASRC STEM Education administrative team)
  • Currently teaching or running programming at a New York City DOE school
  • Can meet above commitments

Fall 2023

  • December: Applications close
  • January: Residence acceptance notified

Spring 2024

  • February: Launch event and workshop
  • Monthly cohort meetings
  • Residents attending one ASRC initiative event of their choice
  • One half-a-day-long workshop/event
  • Co-teaching opportunities
  • May: Open house celebration/community meeting at the end of the program
  • Exhibition of artifacts, teachers’ and students’ work