A student giving a presentation in front of a projector screen.

Each academic year, the ASRC IS Hub offers a competitive, paid science communication fellowship program that engages selected STEM graduate students in learning skills for effectively communicating science to the public.

Beginning in the fall of 2022, the redesigned fellowship will engage two CUNY STEM graduate students and two students from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism’s health and science program in partnering to learn skills for effectively communicating science to the public.

IS Hub Science Communication Fellowship Stipend: $3,000 per student per academic year (September – May)

Fellowship Aims and Components

The IS Science Communication Fellowship Program will help train and prepare STEM and journalism graduate students to be effective science communicators who are skilled at engaging the general public in an ongoing dialogue about and understanding of science and advancing science education for the public good.

The fellowship will take place during the academic year, and it will offer participants real-world training working closely with The ASRC communication team and CUNY Journalism faculty on a variety of science communications content (e.g., science writing, digital content creation, public engagement, science advocacy and more) and will require completion of a culminating project that generates lay friendly science content and proliferates fellows’ learnings to their non-fellow student colleagues.

Applications are currently closed. Stay tuned for more information.