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Imaging Facility

The Imaging Facility currently houses state-of-art 300 kV cryo-TEM, 200kV Cs corrected S/TEM, 120kV TEM, Dual-beam SEM/FIB, Raman Microscope, and super-resolution STED microscope for advanced imaging of materials and biological samples. The facility follows a user-fee based model and is open to all users, both internal and external. The facility welcomes users from academia and industry, with individual rate structures for both.

The supported applications include data collection for single particle 3D reconstruction, S/TEM and SEM imaging, advanced FIB applications (e.g. patterning, site-specific cross-sectional imaging, 2D image stack, TEM lamella preparation), chemical analysis by Energy-dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS). The facility also has plunge freezers for cryo-EM specimen preparation, plasma cleaner for SEM samples and TEM grids cleaning, and coater for coating of carbon (thermal-evaporation), Gold and Platinum (sputter coating).

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Facility Advisory Committee

  • Amedee des Georges (ASRC, The City College of New York)
  • Amirali Zangiabadi (Columbia University)
  • Nicolas Biais (Brooklyn College)
  • Oleg Gang (Columbia University, BNL)