IlluminationSpace Field Trip Program

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The ASRC IlluminationSpace field trip program welcomes hundreds of visitors each year to an interactive educational center located on the first floor of our facility. While we are currently closed to visitors, we invite you to visit our Virtual Programs and Resources page.

Visitors to the ASRC IlluminationSpace explore five exciting and interconnected areas of science — nanoscience, photonics, structural biology, neuroscience, and environmental sciences — in a fun and supportive environment to encourage a deeper understanding of how science shapes our everyday lives. Through interactive motion and touchscreen games and engaging conversations with researchers, visitors learn about the ASRC’s initiatives, inspiring them to search for science in the world around them. 

Visitors to the ASRC IlluminationSpace will:

  1. Learn about academic programs available at CUNY 
  2. Play games to explore the ASRC’s five research initiatives  
  3. Meet ASRC researchers and discuss STEM careers and the importance of interdisciplinary approaches to research
  4. Tour labs and learn about cutting-edge instruments

Book Your Visit

The IlluminationSpace is currently closed for in-person visits but we are offering a schedule of Virtual Programming.  Click below to find out more!