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Grid Reliability Under Climate Change Could Require More Power Generation Capacity Than We Thought

A new university/national laboratory study reveals the importance of factoring climate-water impacts into electric grid planning Researchers created a new modeling approach that accounts for climate and water impacts on electricity infrastructure development. The new analysis compares results with traditional modeling approaches that may or may not consider climate impacts, revealing that the U.S. power […]

Recent Study on Declining Snowpack Levels by ASRC Researcher Andrew Reinmann Featured in The Maple News

Details of ASRC Researcher Andrew Reinmann’s latest study on the effect of declining snowpack levels on sugar maple trees have been featured in The Maple News: A loss of snowpack, and in turn a deeper frost layer, dramatically reduces the ability of the sugar maple to take up water and nutrients through frost damaged roots, according to researchers. […]

ASRC Researcher Andrew Reinmann Pens Article for The Conversation Exploring the Risk of Declining Winter Snowpack in Northeast Forests

Environmental Science Initiative researcher Andrew Reinmann has a new article published in The Conversation—a news platform that allows academics to share their expertise with the general public and shed light on key news events of the day. In this new piece, Reinmann and his research partner, Boston University researcher Pamela Templer, breakdown findings from their […]

Study Shows Winter Snowpack Declines May Reduce Tree Growth and the Ability of Forests to Filter Carbon from Our Air and Water

Findings also suggest a variety of industries in the Northeast could be negatively affected by warming trends, including maple syrup, timber and snow sports  NEW YORK, December 1, 2018 – Researchers conducting a 5-year-long study examining snow cover in a northern hardwood forest region found that projected changes in climate could lead to a 95 […]