Instrument List

The Autoflex Speed TOF-TOF features a number of options, including linear mode, high-resolution reflectron mode, LIFT technology to enable the use of various MS/MS techniques and fully automated plate management for label-free high throughput screening. The instrument incorporates smartbeam–II laser technology with 2kHz speed in TOF mode. Applications include intact protein identification and characterization, analysis of inorganic/organic molecules, synthetic polymers, dendrimers, peptide mixtures, oligonucleotides, carbohydrates.

Bruker’s maXis-II ETD ESI-QqTOF instrument is equipped with Dionex Ultimate-3000 LC system. The platform combines latest hardware innovations in TOF technology with unique software packages (including ProteinScape 3.1 for proteomics project management) that deliver sub-ppm mass accuracy and up to 80,000 mass resolution. Key applications include LC-MS/MS (with CID and ETD capabilities) analysis of complex protein/peptide and small molecules mixtures, mass analysis of large non-covalent protein systems.