Bruker Autoflex Speed TOF/TOF

Bruker Autoflex Speed TOF-TOF

The Autoflex Speed TOF-TOF features a number of options, including linear mode, high-resolution reflectron mode, LIFT technology to enable the use of various MS/MS techniques and fully automated plate management for label-free high throughput screening. The instrument incorporates smartbeam–II laser technology with 2kHz speed in TOF mode. Applications include intact protein identification and characterization, analysis of inorganic/organic molecules, synthetic polymers, dendrimers, peptide mixtures, oligonucleotides, carbohydrates.


  • Mode of operation: linear / reflector mode / TOF/TOF
  • system speed: 2 kHz MS 200 Hz MS/MS
  • performs: Protein TDS, including T-sequencing, TLC-MALDI, Protein Tissue Imaging, High Mass Application, Macromolecules, Polymer Analysis, Proteomics, and Small Molecule Imaging, including FAST-SRM or TOF/TOF
  • 2 kHz smartbeam-II laser technology enables ultra-high data acquisition speed.
  • Laser focus diameters down to 10 µm for high spatial resolution imaging without pixel overlap.
  • Wide mass range resolving power up to 26,000 due to proprietary PAN™ technology.
  • FlashDetector™ combined with new 4 GHz digitizer provides 2 ppm mass accuracy for highest confidence.
  • MALDI Perpetual™ Ion Source with laser-based self-cleaning cleans in minutes. Its push-button concept for removing sample and matrix debris is indispensable for kHz operation.

Compass Software Suite

  • flexControl for quick and easy data acquisition.
  • flexAnalysis for automatic and interactive data analysis.
  • flexImaging™, the leading platform for MALDI Imaging


  • Ye He, Ph.D.
    Director, Live Imaging and Bioenergetics Facility
    Co-Director, MALDI-TOF MS Imaging Facility
    Research Associate Professor, Neuroscience Initiative
  • Rinat Abzalimov, Ph.D.
    Director, Mass Spectrometry Facility
    Co-Director, MALDI-TOF MS Imaging Facility
    Research Associate Professor, Structural Biology Initiative

Manufacturer / Model

Bruker / Autoflex Speed TOF/TOF


MALDI-TOF MS Imaging Facility, Mass Spectrometry Facility


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