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Poster Session Participants

Thank you to the all the participants in our first-ever interdisciplinary Twitter poster session and congratulations to our winners. You can find links to all of the participants’ tweets by clicking the posters below.

More information about eligibility and judging criteria is available on our main poster session page.

George Annor, Doctoral Student
Is the oligomerization domain of GOF mtp53 R273H critical for chromatin-based activities?

Alicia C. Barrientos, Doctoral Student
Exploring the relationship between microglia and the perineuronal net during critical period development of the somatosensory cortex

Filip Bergabo, Doctoral Student
Energy Loss in 3 Parton Production

Sankarsan Biswas, Doctoral Student
Photocatalysis in Water by Functional Supramolecular Materials

Saroj Chand (Winner!), Doctoral Student
Superlattices from defect engineering in 2D materials

Yuki Chen, Undergraduate Student
Mechanosensitive Ion Channel Piezo2 Regulates the Metabolism of Medulloblastoma

Igor Dikiy (Winner!), Ph.D., Postdoctoral Researcher
Does it really take two? Diverse quaternary structures in a family of soluble histidine kinases

Rachel Fisher (Winner!), Ph.D., Postdoctoral Researcher
Compete or Coexist? Understanding what drives biomolecular condensates to form multi-phases.

Victor Flores (Winner!), Masters Student
Indigenous Soil and Agroecosystem Knowledge

Adel Hussein, Doctoral Student
Structural studies of the Interaction between the paddle motif from NaV1.5DIV and sea anemone toxin Anthopleurin-A

Mary Lee, Undergraduate Student
COVID-19 Impact in Radiology Students’ Distance Learning

Zhi-Lun Liu (Winner!), Doctoral Student
Cortex Dominates Bacillus Subtilis Spore’s Water-Responsive Behaviors

Devon Lundine, Doctoral Student
Hacking the Mutant p53 C-Terminus via CRISPR/Cas9 in Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Douglas MacPherson, Doctoral Student
Enzyme-Responsive Peptide Nanoparticles for Imaging Metastatic Cancer

Enrique Mejia (Winner!), Doctoral Student
Atomic Manipulation of Hexagonal Boron Nitride with Transmission Electron Microscopy for Quantum Optics Applications

Roxana Piotrowska (Winner!), Doctoral Student
Water-responsive tripeptide crystals

Mona Tayarani Najjaran, Doctoral Student
Supramolecular tripeptides with sequence-tunable emission

Kelly Veerasammy, Undergraduate Student
EM study of the Blood Brain Barrier in Medulloblastomas regulated by mechanosensitive ion channel PIEZO2

Mahnoor Wajid (Winner!), Undergraduate Student
Effect of P301L mutation on the phase separation of tau