Converge to Transform: CUNY-wide interdisciplinary research for the public good

Twitter Poster Session

Join us for an interdisciplinary virtual poster session on June 23, 2020 using the hashtag #CUNYconverge.

A committee will award prizes to the posters which stimulate wide interest, demonstrate strong scientific merit, and use interdisciplinary approaches. The criteria for measuring interest will be number of retweets. To be eligible, the tweet with the poster must:

  1. have the #CUNYconverge hashtag
  2. be tweeted on June 23, 2020
  3. only be tweeted once from one Twitter account
  4. be clearly related to at least one of our four impact areas (tracking, treating, and stemming COVID-19; making energy sustainable; urban environmental impacts across kingdoms; hacking biology to advance medicine)
  5. belong to a CUNY student or postdoc who has registered to attend at least one of the webinars in our series.

Two winners will be selected per impact area (one student and one postdoc) and will receive an iPad.

Information for Poster Session Participants


  1. Your poster will be uploaded as an image. JPEG, PNG and GIF are compatible with Twitter.
  2. Maximum image size 5 MB.
  3. While the recommended image dimensions are 2:1 aspect ratio for landscape, you can use standard poster dimensions (A4, A0) as long as the content is legible (font size 12-16 for A4 and 50-60 for A0).
  4. Please be mindful of appropriate permissions while presenting copyright images.
  5. Please be mindful of prospective journal policies before presenting unpublished data. Responsibility for the data rests on the presenter.

Rules of Conduct

  1. Organizers will not tolerate inappropriate behavior and online harassment of any kind.
  2. Comments that demean another person due to his or her gender, gender identity or expression, race, religion, ethnicity, age or disability will not be tolerated.
  3. Review of such allegations will be conducted on a case by case basis. Perpetrators can face temporary/permanent ban from the online symposium. Their Twitter/Zoom accounts will also be blocked/reported.
  4. Organizers always expect the participants to abide by this code during the symposium and Twitter poster event. Failure in doing so shall result in a void registration and additional appropriate action.

Please reference these additional virtual poster resources developed by our Nanoscience Initiative:

  1. Quick guide to creating a Twitter account.
  2. Quick guide to attending a poster event on Twitter.
  3. Blog by Stuart Cantrill on tips for twitter.
  4. Check out Royal Society of Chemistry’s 2020 Twitter poster winners (reproduced with permission from @Roysocchem). RSC has conducted a Twitter based poster event every year since 2015 (#RSCposter).
  5. Want to create an animated poster? Quick guide to creating GIFs.
  6. World is not always a happy place and online events always have a threat of spam – quick guide to navigating spam.