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New Study Finds Two Amino Acids Are the Marie Kondo of Molecular Liquid Phase Separation

The discovery advances a novel area of cell biology and provides important clues about causes of cellular disfunction and disease

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  • J. Molina, D. Nikolic, J. Jeevarathanam, R.R. Abzalimov, E.J. Park, R. Pedales, E-R. Mojica, D. Tandang, W. McLaughlin, K. Wallick, J. Adams, A. Novy, S. Pell, R. van Breemen & J. Pezzuto. Living with a giant, flowering parasite: metabolic differences between Tetrastigma loheri Gagnep. (Vitaceae) shoots uninfected and infected with Rafflesia (Rafflesiaceae) and potential applications for propagation. Planta, 2022, 255:4, https://doi.org/10.1007/s00425-021-03787-x

  • C. Catalano, D. Ben-Hail, W. Qiu, P. Blount, A. des Georges, Y. Guo, Cryo-EM Structure of Mechanosensitive Channel YnaI Using SMA2000: Challenges and Opportunities. Membranes 11 (11), 849

  • Siclari, J.J. and Gardner, K.H. (2021) Two steps, one ligand: How PPARγ binds small-molecule agonists. Structure29: 935-936. ( Abstract and full text )