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Environmental Sciences

Vorosmarty, C., Rawlins, M., Hinzman, L., Francis, J., Serreze, M., Liljedahl, A., McDonald, K., Piasecki, M. & Rich, R. (2018) Opportunities and Challenges in Arctic System Synthesis: A Consensus Report from the Arctic Research Community. New York, NY. City University of New York. Produced with funding from the National Science Foundation Arctic System Science Program

C. J. Vörösmarty, V. Rodríguez Osuna, A. D. Cak, A. Bhaduri, S. E. Bunn, F. Corsi, J. Gastelumendi, P. Green, I. Harrison, R. Lawford, P. J. Marcotullio, M. McClain, R. McDonald, P. McIntyre, M. Palmer, R. D. Robarts, A. Szöllösi-Nagy, Z. Tessler, and S. Uhlenbrook. (2018) Ecosystem-based water security and the sustainable development goals Ecohydrology & Hydrobiology. DOI: 0.1016/j.ecohyd.2018.07.004.

C. Main, D. I. Greenfield, C. Doll, Y. Wang, R. Mortensen, E. B. Whereat, D. T. Pettay, and K. C. Coyne. (2018) Critical comparison of molecular methods for detection and enumeration of the harmful algal species, Heterosigma akashiwo, in water samples Journal of Applied Phycology. DOI: 10.1007/s10811-018-1444-z.

A. Miara, C. J. Vörösmarty, J. E. Macknick, V.C. Tidwell, B. Fekete, F. Corsi, and R. Newmark. (2018) Thermal pollution impacts on rivers and power supply in the Mississippi River watershed Environmental Research Letters 13(3): 034033. DOI: 10.1088/1748-9326/aaac85.

W. D. Pearse, J. Cavender-Bares, S. E. Hobbie, M. Avolio, N.D. Bettez, R. Roy Chowdhury, L. E. Darling, P. M. Groffman, J. Morgan Grove, S.J. Hall, J.B. Heffernan, J. Learned, C.B. Neill, K. Nelson, D. Pataki, B. Ruddell, M. Steele, and T. L. E. Trammell. (2018) Homogenization of plant diversity, composition, and structure in North American urban yards Ecosphere 9(2): e02105. DOI: 10.1002/ecs2.2105.

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X. Zheng, A. Calò, E. Albisetti, X. Liu, A.S.M. Alharbi, G. Arefe, X.i Liu, M. Spieser, W.J. Yoo, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, C. Aruta, A. Ciarrocchi, A. Kis, B.S. Lee, M. Lipson, J. Hone, D. Shahrjerdi, and E. Riedo, Patterning metal contacts on monolayer MoS2 with vanishing Schottky barriers using thermal nanolithography, Nature Electronics, 2019, 2, 17–25.

Y. Gao, T. Cao, F. Cellini, C. Berger, W.A. de Heer, E. Tosatti, E. Riedo and A. Bongiorno, Ultrahard carbon film from epitaxial two-layer graphene, Nature Nanotechnology, 2018doi:10.1038/s41565-017-0023-9.

S.A. Dragulska, Y. Chen, M.T. Wlodarczyk, M. Poursharifi, P. Dottino∥, R.V. Ulijn, J.A. Martignetti and A.J. Mieszawska, Tripeptide-Stabilized Oil-in-Water Nanoemulsion of an Oleic Acids–Platinum(II) Conjugate as an Anticancer NanomedicineBioconj. Chem., 2018, in press.

K. Palanichamy, M.F. Bravo, M. Shlain, F. Schiro, Y. Naeem and A.B. Braunschweig, Binding Studies on a Library of InducedFit Carbohydrate Receptors with Mannoside Selectivity, Chemistry – A European Journal, 2018.

E. Albisetti, A. Calò, M. Spieser, A.W. Knoll, E. Riedo and D. Petti, Stabilization and control of topological magnetic solitons via nanoscale patterning of the exchange biasApplied Physics Letters, 2018, 113(16), 162401.

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Castro, K., Ntranos, A., Amatruda, M., Petracca, M., Kosa, P., Chen, E. Y., . . . Casaccia, P. (2019). Body Mass Index in Multiple Sclerosis modulates ceramide-induced DNA methylation and disease course. EBioMedicine. doi:10.1016/j.ebiom.2019.03.087

Falcão, A. M., Meijer, M., Scaglione, A., Rinwa, P., Agirre, E., Liang, J., . . . Castelo-Branco, G. (2019). PAD2-Mediated Citrullination Contributes to Efficient Oligodendrocyte Differentiation and Myelination. Cell Reports, 27(4). doi:10.1016/j.celrep.2019.03.108

Ntranos, A., Ntranos, V., Bonnefil, V., Liu, J., Kim-Schulze, S., He, Y., . . . Casaccia, P. (2019). Fumarates target the metabolic-epigenetic interplay of brain-homing T cells in multiple sclerosis. Brain, 142(3), 647-661. doi:10.1093/brain/awy344

Sand, I. K., Zhu, Y., Ntranos, A., Clemente, J. C., Cekanaviciute, E., Brandstadter, R., . . . Casaccia, P. (2018). Disease-modifying therapies alter gut microbial composition in MS. Neurology – Neuroimmunology Neuroinflammation, 6(1). doi:10.1212/nxi.0000000000000517

A. Scaglione, J. Patzig, J. Liang, R. Frawley, J. Bok, A. Mela, C. Yattah, J. Zhang, S. X. Teo, T. Zhou, S. Chen, E. Bernstein, P. Canoll, E. Guccione, P. Casaccia. (2018) PRMT5-mediated regulation of developmental myelination. Nat Commun. DOI: 10.1038/s41467-018-04863-9.

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A. Pun, S. Sanders, M. Sfeir, L. Campos and D. Congreve, “Annihilator dimers enhance triplet fusion upconversion,” Chem. Sci., Advance Article, March 7, 2019. (web)

Liu, Z. Liang, J. Zhu, L. Xia, O. Mondain-Monval, T. Brunet, A. Alù, and J. Li, “Willis Metamaterial on a Structured Beam,” Physical Review X, Vol. 9, No. 1, 011040 (12 pages), February 28, 2019. (web, arxiv)

Sun, C. Y. Wang, A. Krasnok, J. Choi, J. Shi, J. S. Gomez-Diaz, A. Zepeda, S. Gwo, C. K. Shih, A. Alù, and X. Li, “Separation of Valley Excitons in a MoS2 Monolayer Using a Subwavelength Asymmewtric Groove Array,” Nature Photonics, Vol. 13, No. 3, pp. 180-184, Febrauary 11, 2019. (web, RedCube, arxiv)

Dai, J. Quan, G. Hu, C. W. Qiu, T. H. Tao, X. Li, and A. Alù, “Hyperbolic Phonon Polaritons in Suspended Hexagonal Boron Nitride,” Nano Letters, Vol. 19, No. 2, pp. 1009-1014, February 1, 2019. (web)

Kwon, H. Chalabi, and A. Alù, “Refractory Brewster Metasurfaces Control the Frequency and Angular Spectrum of Light Absorption,” Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology, Special Issue on Recent Advances and Trends in Optical Metamaterials and Metasurfaces, Vol. 9, pp. 1-7, January 27, 2019, (invited paper). (web)

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Structural Biology

L. Clark, I. Dikiy, D. M. Rosenbaum, K. H. Gardner (2018) On the use of Pichia pastoris for isotopic labeling of human GPCRs for NMR studies. J. Biomol. NMR, 71: 203-211.

A. Dashti, D.B. Hail, G. Mashayekhi, P. Schwander, A. des Georges, J. Frank, A. Ourmazd (co-corresponding author) (2018) Functional Pathways of Biomolecules Retrieved from Single-particle Snapshots. bioRxiv: 291922 (pre-print)

S.T. Glantz, E.E. Berlew, Z. Jaber, B.S. Schuster, K. H. Gardner, B.Y. Chow (2018) Directly light-regulated binding of RGS-LOV photoreceptors to anionic membrane phospholipids.  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci.115: E7720-E7727

G. Santulli, D. Lewis, A. des Georges, A. R. Marks, J. Frank (2018). Ryanodine receptor structure and function in health and disease. In Membrane Protein Complexes: Structure and Function (pp. 329-352). Springer, Singapore. DOI: 10.1007/978-981-10-7757-9_11

A. Losi, K. H. Gardner, A. Möglich (2018)  Blue-light receptors for optogenetics.  Chem. Rev.  DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemrev.8b00163

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