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  • K. Parker, A. Elmes, P. Boucher, R. Hallett, J. Thompson, Z. Simek, J. Bowers, and A.B. Reinmann. Crossing The Great Divide: Bridging the Researcher-Practitioner Gap to Maximize the Utility of Remote Sensing for Invasive Species Monitoring and Management. Remote Sensing, 2021. In press.

  • J.B. Winbourne, I.A. Smith, H. Stoynova, C. Kohler, C.K. Gately, B.A. Logan, J. Reblin, A.B. Reinmann, D.W. Allen, and L.R. Hutyra. Quantification of Urban Forest and Grassland Carbon Fluxes using Ground-Based Measurements and a Satellite-Based Model in the Washington DC/Baltimore Area. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, 2021. Accepted.

  • S.M. Garvey, P.H. Templer, E.A. Pierce, A.B. Reinmann, and L.R. Hutyra. Diverging Patterns at the Forest Edge: Soil Respiration Dynamics of Fragmented Forests in Urban and Rural Areas. Global Change Biology, 2021. Accepted.

  • W.J. Hundertmark, L.L. Morreale, A.B. Reinmann, J.R. Thompson, P.H. Templer, and L.R. Hutyra. Canopy Structure, Foliar Chemistry, and Spatial Characteristics of Temperate Forest Edges. Ecosystems, 2021. Accepted.

  • L.L. Morreale, J.R. Thompson, X. Tang, A.B. Reinmann and L.R. Hutyra LR. Fragmentation Impacts on Temperate Forest Productivity: Reversal of the Tropical Edge Paradigm. Nature Communications, 2021. In press.

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