the observatory roof as seen from inside, with the viewing window open

The ASRC Rooftop Observatory capitalizes on the unique location and vantage point of the ASRC to create a facility for monitoring the NYC urban environment. An ensemble of ASRC-based equipment will complement the existing urban observatory that CUNY has already instituted in the NYC metro area by building on the decades of experience of CUNY faculty and researchers who have been pioneers in the research and development of advanced instrumentation and field measurement networks.

Complete the online application to become a user of this and other ASRC facilities.

Facility Details

Instruments in the Observatory include:

  • LI-7810 CH4/CO2/H2O Trace Gas Analyzer
  • Fast Isoprene Sensor

The observatory has 120V/20A outlets and internet connectivity (Wifi and ethernet). It also provides a controlled climate environment.

Observatory users may also gain access to lab tools in the NGENS facility.

The use of the observatory will be charged according to the following schedule, on monthly basis and per square feet of instrument used:

Observatory Use LI-7810 CH4/CO2/H2O
Trace Gas Analyzer
Fast Isoprene Sensor NGENS lab tool use
Hoist charge per square foot/
per week or fraction per week or fraction yearly subscription
CUNY Rate $100 $115 $125 $125 $500
Other Academic Rate $100 $115 $125 $125 $500
Other Non-profit Rate $140 $138 $150 $150 $600
Start-up Company Rate $140 $138 $150 $150 $600
Industry Rate $200 $230 $250 $250 $1,000
Hoist Charge Charge to hoist instruments up and down from the observatory. Anything larger than a backpack or small suitcase needs to be hoisted.
per square foot per month

Footprint of instrument used is charged. For example: the Picarro G2401 greenhouse gas concentration analyzer has an 18” x 18” footprint and needs a pump that is 7.5”x11” with total area used of 2.82 sqft. The charge would be $324+$100=$424 for a monthlong stay including the hoist for academic users.

NGENS will charge for any special hardware supplied (e.g., tubing) at cost.

per week or fraction LI-7810 can be used in the field. Includes a brief instruction on instrument use.
yearly subscription For the use of the tools in the facility and access to its hardware selection (nuts, bolts, screws etc.). These include: soldering stations, hand tools, electronic tools (multimeter, o’scope e.g.), 3d printer, drill press, router, laser cutter, band saw, sanders, hand power tools, and others to be discussed. Does not include table saw or CNC. It includes some benchtop space if needed. NGENS will charge the user for materials and for benchtop space if substantial.


The observatory can supply reference gases and other consumables on a case-by-case basis and by request. These will be charged to the user at cost.

For more information, please contact: