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Next Generation Environmental Sensor Lab (NGENS)

The Next Generation Environmental Sensor Lab (NGENS) is an open resource for environmental sensors. Whether it is a simple humidity sensor evaluation or a regulatory O3 monitoring study, we can help you get results in your research and insight into your measurements.

We have high-end reference instruments for:

  • trace gases
  • greenhouse gases
  • volatile organic compounds
  • particulates
  • radiation
  • noise
  • phenology and thermal imaging
  • soil and water analysis

In addition, we work with low-cost sensors, control and communication modules, and characterization and calibration chambers for designing and deploying sensors and sensor networks in the urban and exurban settings.

The lab also hosts a design and fabrication facility to prototype and stage environmental sensors, enclosures and fixtures, and manages the rooftop observatory that provides an ideal space in upper Manhattan to stage instrumentation for urban air monitoring.

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Facility Details

Instruments in the NGENS Lab include:

  • CO2/H2O analyzer (Li-Cor LI-850)
  • CH4/CO2/H2O portable platform (LI-7810)
  • NO2/NO/NOx monitor (2B 405nm)
  • O3 monitor
  • Aerosol and PM monitors
  • C-N analyser (Elementar Vario Max)
  • Thermal Imager
  • Regulatory sensors
  • Design and fabrication instruments and tools:
    • CNC mill
    • Lathe
    • 3D printer
    • Laser cutting
    • Hand & woodworking tools
    • CAD workstations
    • Electronic testing and measurement

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