Celebrating 5 Years at the Advanced Science Research Center

A message from Josh Brumberg, Dean for the Sciences at The Graduate Center, CUNY, and Annette Gray,  Associate Dean for the Sciences and Executive Director of the Advanced Science Research Center

Dear friends,

September 2019 marks the Advanced Science Research Center’s fifth anniversary. As we look back on the work and accomplishments of our faculty, staff and students, there is indeed much to celebrate—and much to look forward to as we continue and expand partnerships with our supporters and collaborators, especially those from CUNY and New York state!

Today, scientists are called to address a growing demand for technological advances and an accelerating list of threats to our planet and humanity. The solutions to these challenges will not be realized within siloed areas of research, but through the dynamic, innovative thought produced when scientists work across disciplines for the public good.

When the ASRC opened its doors, CUNY brought together newly hired researchers, staff, and faculty to catalyze just such interdisciplinary scientific research and discovery and to develop a CUNY–wide network that builds on the university’s strengths in five distinctive, but increasingly connected areas of research: environmental science, nanoscience, neuroscience, photonics and structural biology. The ASRC seeks every day to inspire and enable scientists, entrepreneurs, and trainees to advance creative, multidisciplinary solutions to the most pressing issues facing society.

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