ASRC Environmental Sciences to welcome CUNY environmental science research community for November 12 symposium

The CUNY Advanced Science Research Center’s (ASRC) Environmental CrossRoads Initiative will host a day-long symposium titled “Environmental Science at the CrossRoads: Advancing Interdisciplinary Research at CUNY” on November 12.

This symposium will highlight interdisciplinary environmental scientific research happening at CUNY and discuss key theoretical and methodological issues occurring across scales, from the nano to the global. The symposium will feature a number of CUNY researchers who study environmental science and related topics, including:

Adam Parris – Science and Resilience Institute at Jamaica Bay
Speaking about the Science and Resilience Institute
William Solecki – Hunter College
Speaking about the Urban Climate Change Research Network
Peter Groffman – CUNY ASRC & Brooklyn College
Speaking about urban biogeochemistry
Charles Vörösmarty – CUNY ASRC & The City College of New York
Speaking about multidisciplinary and multiscalar science
Joan Dorn – Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Research
Speaking about environmental health research
Zhengrong Wang – The City College of New York
Speaking about environmental isotope geochemistry

One of the goals of this meeting is to build on the strengths of CUNY’s diverse faculty to identify key environmental issues, with the New York City-area as the focal point. As, arguably, the preeminent mega-city on the planet, New York City provides a unique opportunity to study a broad range of urban-focused environmental research questions.

With the opening of the ASRC, CUNY researchers will have access to new tools, equipment, and laboratory space to advance their research in a number of areas, including energy and carbon management, green urban planning and providing social and environmental equity for all. According to Dr. Charles J. Vörösmarty, Director of the ASRC Environmental CrossRoads Initiative, the technology and resources housed at the ASRC will allow for the integrated, interdisciplinary thinking needed to put CUNY at the forefront of research.

“This event will be an excellent opportunity to bring together the environmental science researchers throughout CUNY to discuss their research and show them the state-of-the-art tools available to them at the ASRC. ” Vörösmarty said. The symposium will highlight some of the outstanding research already being conducted, while providing a direction for these researchers moving forward.”