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Photonics Facility

The Photonics Core Facility offers several lasers, light sources, measurement instruments as well as optical and mechanical hardware to support photonics research. A laboratory support room is available with mechanical tools, allowing users to rapidly create experimental setups. The facility also maintains several photonics-related software packages for computational work.

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Facility Details

Instruments in the Photonics facility include:

  • Coherent Mira Hp-f V18 High Power Titanium: Sapphire Tunable Ultrafast Femtosecond Laser, powered by 18w Verdi-g Semiconductor Laser
  • Coherent Harmonic Generator for Mira Hp (Second And Third Harmonics)
  • Horiba Scientific Ihr550 Imaging Spectrometer
  • J.A. Woollam IR-vase Ellipsometer
  • NKT Photonics Supercontinuum System
  • Angular Resolved Transmission/Reflection System
  • Workstations and Numerical Software

Rates are charged per hour or per day (10 hours) based on user type. Daily rates represent a 30% discount on the total 10 hour cost.

If a user reserves a place on the optical table for further experiments, the rate plan automatically switches to the rate per day.

Internal Rate External Rate
External Rate
External Rate
(Industrial Companies)
Hourly Daily Hourly Daily Hourly Daily Hourly Daily
Ellipso​metry $10 $70 $20 $140 $40 $280 $60 $420
Coherent fs-laser system $10 $70 $20 $140 $40 $280 $60 $420
Horiba Spectrometer $10 $70 $20 $140 $40 $280 $60 $420
Supercontinuum system $10 $70 $20 $140 $40  $280 $60 $420
Lab Assistance $10 $20 $50 $100

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