FLS1000 Photoluminescence Spectrometer

Picture of the FLS1000 Photoluminescence Spectrometer instrument

Specifications: Excitation source: picosecond LED 280 nm, picosecond Laser Diodes 510 nm, 655 nm, 670 nm.

Monochromator: Emission monochromator, focal length 325 mm.

Detectors: Photomultipliers Gated Cooled Red PMT or High Speed Red Detector, spectral range 200 nm to 870 nm.

Stage options: 

  • room temperature (Solid samples, Cuvette holder, Powder holder)
  • Peltier-cooled stage T range -35C to 95C, magnetic stirrer
  • Cryostat holder, transfer line to He (lowest T 4K)  or N2 (lowest T 77K)
  • Integrating sphere

Integrating sphere: 120 mm diameter.

Titration module with two injection syringes

Polarizers on excitation and emission paths

Fluoracle® software package

Applications and capabilities:

  • Emission spectra of solid, liquid, powder samples,
    200 nm – 870 nm range at room temperature
  • Polarization-dependent emission spectra
  • TCSPC for short fluorescence and MCS for long phosphorescence lifetime
  • Temperature dependent measurements (lowest T 4K, highest T 95C)
  • Time-Resolved Emission Spectrum TRES
  • Emission anisotropy measurements
  • Indirect and direct measurements of quantum yield
  • Solution titration during measurement

Manufacturer / Model

Edinburgh Instruments / FLS1000