ASRC Grants Bootcamp 101

Fall 2019 ASRC Grants Bootcamp 101: Grant Proposals & Your Research

In this Bootcamp, faculty researchers will learn the essentials of framing and structuring a grant proposal as well as visioning a research strategy and finding funding opportunities to sustain a research program. Participants will be mentored in how to mold a good idea into a competitive proposal. In Part A, over the course of 10 weeks, participants will be expected to develop, write, and present a 2-3 page overview for a potential full proposal. Part B is a small, more intensive bootcamp to develop a full proposal to submit to NSF, DOD, or DOE.

The ASRC Bootcamp program is led by:

Linda Vigdor, M.F.A., Ph.D.
Associate Director of Proposal Development
Advanced Science Research Center

For more information, please contact:

Target Participants

  1. Research active CUNY PIs with little or no federal funding and/or little experience with developing competitive grant proposals or
  2. PIs with NIH funding who would like to learn about NSF proposals or
  3. CUNY tenure track assistant professors interested in participating in the ASRC’s annual NSF CAREER Bootcamp and who:
    • Have not been the PI on a prior NSF grant that received relatively strong reviews
    • Need to start thinking about big picture aspects of their potential CAREER proposal (e.g., what’s the research focus, what’s the potential intellectual merit, what are broader impacts, what preliminary work should get done for the research, broader impacts, and/or education aspects of a CAREER proposal).

For some PIs, completing this bootcamp (Part A) may be a prerequisite for acceptance into the 2020-21 ASRC NSF CAREER bootcamp.

Bootcamp Structure

The ASRC Grants Bootcamp 101 has two parts:

Part A: Requires registration (now closed)

A 10-week series comprised of (a) interactive lectures on proposal components and strategies, (b) writing assignments and constructive critiques of drafts, and (c) a final presentation & mock panel review.

  • The final work product will be overviews suitable for an NSF proposal or a whitepaper (2-3 pages) and a presentation suitable for talking with a PO (in person)
  • Participants will have opportunities for at least 2 meetings with Linda Vigdor to discuss their whitepapers
  • PIs will partner to review short weekly assignments

Part B: Requires application

The Part B bootcamp is for PIs who wish to write a full proposal (NSF, DOD, or DOE). Participation in Part A is required. Writing assignments will align with the Part A agenda but PIs in this group will be writing more (in terms of length, substance, and revisions). This bootcamp will start a bit later than Part A (probably mid October) and extend through January. There will be only one Part B group, limited to 8-10 people. Acceptance will be based on the quality of application materials and early participation in Part A.

PIs intending to apply for the 2020-21 NSF CAREER bootcamp should consider the Part A bootcamp but not Part B.

Application/Registration Deadlines

Part A

The registration deadline for Part A has now passed.

Part B

Apply online by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Part A Meetings

Bootcamps meet weekly beginning the week of September 27 and ending the week of December 6. We will not meet Thanksgiving week. Meetings will be 2.5 hours.

There will be two Part A groups: one will meet on Tuesdays and one on Fridays (see dates on the agenda). Meeting times will be determined from preferences noted on the registration form. The meeting place will be decided based on availability and number of participants, and will most likely be at the ASRC or the Research Foundation of CUNY. Specific time and location details will be provided the week following the registration deadline.

Attendance at all bootcamp meetings is expected. Submitting writing assignments on time is also expected.

Download the tentative schedule »

Part B Meetings

Meeting dates/times for Part B will be decided based on the group’s preferences.