Tara Marcink, Ph.D.

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, des Georges Lab, Structural Biology Initiative

Tara Marcink is a postdoctoral research scientist in a collaboration between Dr. Amédée des Georges and Columbia University Medical Center’s Dr. Anne Moscona and Dr. Matteo Porotto labs. Tara obtained her Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Missouri in 2018.

Tara’s previous research focused on elucidating protein interactions between MT1-MMP, a key metastatic protein, and the cell surface. She used various biochemical techniques including NMR, FRET, and electron microscopy to discover how this protein binds to nanodiscs.  She continues her love of structural biochemistry through this unique collaboration. 

Outside of the lab, Tara enjoys running, creating digital artwork, and making fancy desserts. 

Research Interests

Uncovering structure and function of protein complexes using biophysical and biochemical techniques.


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T.C. Marcink, E. Yariv, K. Rybkina, V. Más, F. T. Bovier, A. des Georges, A. L. Greninger et al. Hijacking the Fusion Complex of Human Parainfluenza Virus as an Antiviral Strategy. Mbio, 2020, 11, no. 1.

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