Rein V. Ulijn, Ph.D.

  • Director, Nanoscience Initiative
  • Director, ASRC Sensor CAT
  • Director, NanoBioNYC Program
  • Einstein Professor of Chemistry, Hunter College

Research Interests

Rein Ulijn’s research group is developing bio-inspired nanotechnology. The fundamental research question that drives his work is how the molecular building blocks and processes of life can be repurposed, combined and simplified to produce functional materials with designed properties and functions that cannot be achieved using existing design approaches. The resulting materials can be produced from sustainable sources and are finding wide-ranging applications ranging from energy harvesting, to sustainable plastics, personal care, sensing, biomedicine.​

Job History

  • 2014 – present: Director of the Nanoscience Initiative, Advanced Science Research Center, CUNY
  • 2014 – present: Albert Einstein Professor of Chemistry, Hunter College, CUNY
  • 2019 – present: Director of the ASRC Sensor CAT
  • 2022 – present: Director of the NSF Research Training Grant (NRT) Nanoscience Connected to Life


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