Georgie Humphries

  • Doctoral Student, Greenfield Lab, Environmental Sciences Initiative

Georgie Efegenia Humphries is currently a research assistant and graduate student in Dr. Dianne Greenfield’s lab at the GC-ASRC’s Environmental Sciences Initiative. Georgie received her undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and policy from SUNY Purchase, and is presently pursuing her master’s degree at the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, at the City University of Queens; as well as teaching undergraduate laboratories. In Dr. Greenfield’s lab, she assists in examining the complex environmental relationships between global stressors and phytoplankton ecology. As well as investigation and identification of harmful algal blooms.


Z. Roldan Ayala, S.A. Arnott, M. Ambrosone, J.I. Espinosa, G.E. Humphries, M. Tzortziou, J. I. Goes, and D.I. Greenfield. The influences of phenology, spatial distribution, and nitrogen form on Long Island Sound phytoplankton biomass and taxonomic composition. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 2023, 292, 108451.

G.E. Humphries, J.I. Espinosa, M. Ambrosone, Z. Roldan Ayala, M. Tzortziou, J.I. Goes, D.I. Greenfield. Transitions in nitrogen and organic matter form and concentration correspond to bacterial population dynamics in a hypoxic urban estuary. Biogeochemistry, 2023, 163, 219-243.