Emmanuel Fort, Ph.D.

  • Professor, AXA-ESPCI Chair in Biomedical Imaging, ESPCI Paris

Emmanuel Fort has developed several innovative super-resolution techniques and nanostructured materials for applications in microarray sensors. He has also made major contributions in time varying media to control wave propagation with the introduction of instantaneous time mirrors and to dynamically stabilize liquid interfaces. He is currently a Full Professor with ESPCI Paris, PSL University, Paris, France. He is also the AXA Chair in biomedical imaging with the Langevin Institute. He is internationally recognized in fluorescence imaging and plasmonic sensing for biological and medical applications. He is also a pioneer in hydrodynamic quantum analog notably by introducing self-propelled bouncing droplets on the surface of a vibrated liquid as the first classical wave-particle duality. He has authored or coauthored more than 70 articles in internationally renowned journals. He is the co-inventor of eight patents and the co-founder of the startup Abbelight.,Prof. Fort received the Denis Diderot Innovation Award and the Jerphagnon Prize.