Dandan Wei, Ph.D.

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Reinmann Lab, Environmental Sciences Initiative

Dandan has a B.S. in Meteorology, a M.S. in Ecology, and a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Chemistry. Her research is broadly focused on quantifying sources and sinks of biogenic VOCs, including emissions, gas-phase chemistry, vertical transport, and secondary organic aerosol formation. She uses a variety of approaches including modeling and observational analysis. Dandan brings her expertise in numerical modeling to the group, studying the biogenic carbon fluxes in the New York City Metro Area. Dandan likes swimming, traveling, and watching soccer (a proud Arsenal fan!).


D. Wei, A. Reinmann, L.D. Schiferl, and R. Commane. High resolution modeling of vegetation reveals large summertime biogenic CO2 fluxes in New York City. Environmental Research Letters, 2022, 17, 124031.