Catherine Leckie

  • Research Assistant, Epigenetics Facility

Catherine is the Research Assistant for the Epigenetics Facility in the ASRC Neuroscience Initiative. Her primary duties include executing epigenetic experiments and maintaining the core facility. She also helps to conduct epigenetic experiments focused on oligodendrocytes and myelination under the direction of Dr. Jia Liu. Prior to joining the ASRC, Catherine received a Bachelor’s Degree in Neuroscience from The Johns Hopkins University. She was a part of Dr. Chris Ross’s Huntington’s Disease Lab and Dr. Kathryn Wagner’s Muscular Dystrophy lab as an Undergraduate Research Assistant. Her current research interests focus on the impact of the ketogenic diet on the epigenetic regulation of oligodendrocyte and myelination cross talk, and it’s applications towards stress and anxiety resilience. ​Outside of the ASRC, she loves to read, collect vinyl records, and play board games!