Alma Eva Pérez Perrino, Ph.D.

  • Associate Director, Nanoscience Initiative

Alma Eva Pérez Perrino, Ph.D. has been the Associate Director of the Nanoscience Initiative at ASRC since August 2023. She is responsible for overseeing daily operations, helping the initiative to operate effectively, secure vital funding, manage resources wisely, and foster a collaborative and productive work environment. Alma earned her Ph.D. from the Autonomous University of Madrid in Spain, where she specialized in state-of-the-art AFM methods for potential applications in nanotechnology and nanomedicine. Throughout her career, she has applied these methods to a wide range of materials, including polymers and cell membrane proteins. In 2018, Alma embarked on a postdoctoral position at Weill Cornell Medicine in Simon Scheuring’s lab, where she continued to innovate in the field of AFM by developing new high-speed atomic force microscopy (HS-AFM) techniques to study the kinetics of cell membrane proteins.

Alma has been the national secretary and the vice president of the Spanish Scientists in USA organization (ECUSA) where her interests focused on science policy, career development and science management. Outside of work, Alma enjoys exploring the city, sunny days and reading.